Inhale with Steve Ross {second recovered episode!}

After many comments and emails I was prompted to search further to help share more episodes of Inhale! It’s not an easy job considering the show went off the air years ago. I emailed Maha Yoga and Steve Ross to ask about where to get episodes or when Mr. Ross might be going online or doing a DVD. I got a pretty stale form letter reply citing the excuse that he likes to use popular songs and the difficulty with licensing to do new stuff and try and contact Oxygen channel for the old stuff.   He’s been using that music excuse for YEARS now, it’s time to find an answer for the thousands wishing only to laugh, smile, sweat and have some fun inspiring yoga!  I have a few suggestions for answers to the music dilemma to send and plan to go out to Cali and go to Maha Yoga for a class. Hopefully I can be more persuasive in person!

Currently I’m living in a small town in Georgia with no access to a yoga class :( I’m really trying hard for all of us middle and rural Americans!  Just cause we choose not to live in the cities doesn’t mean we don’t deserve access to fun yoga!

Help build the online library!  If you have a taped episode try and get it online :)  If your not tech savvy your more then welcome to mail it to me and I’ll put it up and mail it back.  Email me for mailing address.

Enjoy the episode below … part four has no sound due to YouTube licensing restrictions but it’s an easy 3 pose stretch section.  Play teacher and inspire and make yourself laugh during this part!

part one

part two

part three

part four this section has no sound due to YouTube licensing restrictions but it’s an easy 3 pose stretch section.  Play teacher and give your own narration … inspire and make yourself laugh!

part five

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20 comments to Inhale with Steve Ross {second recovered episode!}

  • Ethel

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have a few vcr cassettes. I will definitely mail you one for you to try to put it on your website, so we can share it. I did tape it with commercials, though, as that gave me some time to go deeper or try to redo the postures.

    God bless you and looking forward to seeing more of SR. I loved what you wrote about being “more persuasive.” I think if many of us could agree on a time to show up in front of Maha Yoga or the Oxygen or OWN network buildings, that would be persuasive!

  • Ethel Zuniga

    Thank you, thank you! I have a few vcr tapes with episodes with commercials. Would that help? If so, I can mail one or two and see if we can share them.

    Once again, thank you, thank you! I loved what you wrote on being more “persuasive.” Maybe we ought to go to OWN network and ask Oprah to host Steve Ross with Inhale for Humankind’s sake.

  • Les

    I got hooked two years ago on inhale and have never felt better mentally, physically or spiritually. I have a couple of episodes on tape I will be more than happy to send you if you will post them. I live in GA. also, what is a good address for me to send them-Les Brannen

  • O Steve, how we miss you! I got up at 5:30 in the morning so I could be ready for Inhale at 6, for so many years. I never thought it would go off the air, until it did. I have been non-practicing for 4 years now, and my back really knows it. Thank you so much for posting Steve, and letting me get my practice back again!

  • Bill

    No problems with the no sound…..we remember all the words anyway!! Thank you!!


    Is there any way to get a copy of Steve Ross’ Yoga on a DVD? If someone would be willing to send me a copy even on VHS, with commercials, I would be willing to pay a reasonable price. I have searched the Web off and on for two years looking for a Steve Ross DVD. I am 58 years old and the music takes Yoga to an entirely different level. It is not like exercise. You can relax into the pose and groove to the music. I loved doing yoga with him when he was on the air and I have not done yoga since he left.

    Can anyone help me?

  • Jess and Karl in NV

    We had 7 episodes saved on our DVR when we realized Inhale was no longer airing. We charished those episodes for two years. This past November we moved and had to send our DVR back to Direct TV as the apartment we rented was set up for U Verse. We are kicking ourselves…we haven’t done yoga since. We keep waiting to hear/see that Steve has come out with a video–we haven’t found one as perfect as Inhale and we’re tired of wasting money trying to find one. Any suggestions? My husband and I started doing yoga with Inhale and we really miss it.

  • Kelly

    I feel so wonderful after finishing this episode, I miss having this feeling five days a week with Inhale!! Thank you for posting both episodes. I look forward to more being posted.

  • Janet

    I haven’t done yoga since Inhale was canceled. I miss this show soo much! I woke up every morning just to do yoga. I was in the best shape and always in a good mood.

  • Ruth

    This made my day! I miss inhale so much! I have 2 episodes that I will be sending for the webside one is with comercials.

  • Dyhanne

    I too do miss this. I am 64 and came alive to inhale. yes I know I should “Let go” but without inhale that is not gonna happen. Can we some of those VCR tapes made into DVD’s. Probably not!!!!

  • smilemaker 1529

    Thank u i miss it so much I need copies please contact me at the e mail address I,m 55 and i need the tapes or dvd what ever you have.The workout make me feel so much more alive. Thank you

  • NEW STEVE ROSS videos! Yoga in 10 Courtesy of Dr. OZ

  • I found 5 downloadable Steve Ross videos. They cut out the commercials.

  • Amanda

    I am 35 and I, too used to get up in the early morning just to do yoga with Steve Ross. I am so thankful for the videos posted here… I’d love to have copies of any episodes anyone has & will pay a reasonable price for any I can get my hands on, I miss doing yoga so badly. I am a new Mommy again & recently have lost 42 pounds & would LOVE to get back into my old routine. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Keep yoga-ing to all & thank you for reading!
    God Bless

  • Amanda

    I must say, I used the video here for the 1st time this morning I didn’t realize I was so out of shape. I will be using this video EVERY morning from now on & hope that someone has some they are willing to share??? This was the best morning I’ve had in a long time! Thank you to whom ever shared this!

  • Thank you so much for posting! I started doing Steve Ross yoga way back in high school and miss his style so much! I am going to search my basement in the hopes that I have a few VHS tapes of Inhale hiding somewhere.

  • RaleighLOVE

    I am uploading FULL EPISODES here:

    Enjoy :-)

  • john heck

    I have about 10 VHS tapes that have two or three episodes on each one. I would mail them to you if you are willing to put them on disc and mail it back.

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