Full episode of Inhale w/ Steve Ross ... and, revealing the identity of the Happy Yogi and her Mommy!

5/28/2014 UPDATE!!! - TEN FULL Episodes of Inhale with Steve Ross now up!

I’m soooo happy to be able to share this full episode of Inhale with Steve Ross! It’s been off the air for years and making it to Steve’s Maha Yoga studio in Brentwood, CA or retreats just is not possible for the majority of people. Some may disagree with Steve’s laxed style of teaching complete with jokes, some of those very fun ’7′ words that can’t be said on tv, loud music and don’t worry just do it attitude. Me, I LOVE IT!!!! I have so much fun doing an episode of Inhale and super fun when I’m in Los Angeles and actually get to go to a class. I’ve tried many other teachers, studios, videos and I’ve never enjoyed the fun flow as much as I do with Steve. I remember attending a Bikram class once and feeling so angry and out of balance that I left went home and did more yoga to calm me down.

On a personal note, I’m now 29 and was 18 when introduced to Steve Ross. I grew up dancing and taking gymnastics and had been to a couple hot yoga classes. As much as I liked stretching and sweating and the amazing energy that comes from a great teacher it wasn’t til I found ‘Inhale’ that I really fell in love with yoga. My mother also grew up dancing but when I was 18 and she was 36 she was over weight, living in the desert (even though she’s inlove with the ocean) and in a job that sucked the life out of her. Basically she wasn’t happy and our relationship was not good and had not been good for years. She too had tried some yoga dvd’s but found herself very bored with them …. and then one day I told her about Steve Ross and Inhale!

My mom fell inlove with Steve Ross’s style of teaching. She began doing yoga regularly and turned her friends onto as well. The side affect from this was life changing for both of us. She got happy, lost a bunch of that extra weight, started inspiring others to have fun and be happy and our relationship became the best it had ever been. Steve Ross was in Las Vegas for a book signing for Happy Yoga: 7 Reasons Why There’s Nothing to Worry About . I went there to thank him for making my mom happy which made me love her more then ever, she became an inspiration. Soon after she moved to Southern California to be near the ocean! But wait it gets better … !!!! …. WAY BETTER!!! She then quit her very lucrative job in Corporate America and flew down to the Bahamas to live in an Ashram for a month and became a yoga teacher!

My mom is Denise Wells she is a Registered Nurse and a Certified Yoga Teacher.  She lives in Mission Viejo, California and goes by Om Sweet Om Yoga! She loves being outside and does guided yoga hikes, yoga in the parks and on the beach. She also does private in home sessions for all those busy Corporate America types who don’t have time to leave.

My mom and I in Red Rock outside of Las Vegas prol less then a year after we both began practicing yoga.

Yoga Studio Decor and The Happy Blog was completely inspired by Steve Ross and my Mom! They’ve both been an inspiration and a support system in my life. When I’m facing my hardest challenges or I’m in the worst mood, either Yoga w/ Steve or a call to my Mom gives me the strength to be happy.

I am Kiesha Jean, a photographer who loves yoga and life!  All of the images in the Yoga Studio Decor store were taken by me on my travels.  I hope for the Happy Blog to give smiles, laughter, inspiration, love and wisdom. If you have a story you’d love to share email [email protected]

8/24/2013 UPDATE!!! - SIX FULL Episodes of Inhale with Steve Ross now up!

Steve Ross and Kiesha Jean in Las Vegas

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

8/24/2013 UPDATE!!! - SIX FULL Episodes of Inhale with Steve Ross now up!


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